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WE’VE MOVED… Our New Home is at .

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Catalyst Cooks “Make. Food. Happen!

You can be a Catalyst Cook too!

Imagine sharing food & fun with your favorite people!

  • We are based in Minneapolis, and willing to travel.

If you (or your group or neighborhood or familly or kid) want to:

  • enjoy the treasure hunt that is grocery shopping
  • make quick & delicious meals at home
  • entertain your favorite people
  • embrace food with energy, passion and fun —

Catalyst Cooks is for YOU!

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Our newest CATALYST COOKS grads say this about us:

Crash Course: Dinner Party!

 “I took your class home- my dinner party was fun- I can’t wait to do it again!”  –Sarah


“I’m looking forward to taking the advanced class.”  -Cathy


 Catalyst Cooks at your Corporation (Wellness at Work Seasonal Series)

“Jen was great, as was her food- it would be great to do more workplace events like this!” -Tasha K.


“That Corporate Cooking class was awesome- I really enjoyed it and the recipes were delicious!”  -Amy


 “Jen’s class was well-received, and appreciated.”  -Jay



  Crash Course: Cooking Party

“Fabulous (Cinco de Mayo) dinner – my mouth is watering just thinking about the next one!” 

-Tiffani and James


“Thank youCatalyst Cooksfor the amazing (Provencale) dinner tonight.

I felt a bit like Julia Child- fresh herbs make all the difference!”

– Amy


“It was a fun night with excellent food and a great group of women!” -Paula

Crash Course: Kid Cooks


“Grace had a great time… I asked her if she liked or loved it and she said she LOOOOVED it!”  –Faith


“Wyatt is soooooo in love with your cooking class – he cannot wait until tomorrow.

You are the child-pasta whisperer..”  -Lori

Come & be a Catalyst Cook!

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