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First New Monday February 15, 2010

Is this a vacation day?  It feels like one… I woke up refreshed, rested, at peace, and looking forward to my day today.

Should it feel like one, or not?  Should I be feeling so good when I am “working?”  What if work could feel this good?  What if it will?  What if my work adds to my energy and enthusiasm?


I decided to start my first new Monday with an established routine… got up and started the radio so that Neighbor Dave can enjoy an hour of gradual wake up time.  Showered, brushed my teeth, got dressed.  Bundled up to shovel the snow (I have an idiosyncratic need to have the sidewalks clear before I start working).

Then I changed it up a little.  Caracol the dog was hanging back, ready to start her “old Monday” routine of watching Dave and I leave for work, and when we’re safely out of view, jumping onto the couch and starting her day of comfortable napping-slash-watching for the mailman.  I surprised her by offering the leash and a walk in the new snow!  She was excited and energized by the thought of something new… she and I have something in common today!

Dave, Cara and I took off for the bus stop.  I wanted to pay attention to my feelings.  I was calm, my head is blissfully open to the possibilities of today.  I felt at peace and relaxed, and the new-fallen snow – clean, sparkly – mirrored my mood.  I am ready to start this new journey. 

Dave got on the bus, and the bus driver looked quizzically at me, probably wondering if I was getting on that bus today.  I waved and smiled- nope!  This is the start of a new routine.


4 Responses to “First New Monday”

  1. Lori Says:

    LOVE IT. Will be following your blog closely…your journey is inspiring!

  2. Molly Says:

    Happy new career to you –

    You are so fortunate to have the motivation/drive/balls to pursue happiness… and extra special lucky to have an awesome husband who either a) believes you will not or b) doesn’t care if you do sit on the couch all day and eat cheese! (Since we Woods women do not do bonbons.)

    Maybe next year this time you will be poised to take on a new part time employee named PAM.

  3. Jason Says:

    Maybe one day I’ll be able to go to the light rail, watch the train pull up and the doors open, and then watch them close and the train leave without me. Sounds awesome!

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