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Thanks to my little sis February 17, 2010

I’ve been working with a coach, Michelle, for a few months  (You can check out her blog at  Among other things- lots of other things!- through coaching, I learned that there are three fundamental reasons why I do things.  I haven’t found an exception yet.

  • Stewardship: I love to take care of things and people.  For example, when I bought my first (very cute) house built in 1909, I felt that I was brought to that house to make sure it would be around for another 100 years.  Instead of following my first desire and replacing the avocado-green stove, I took care of: the roof, the furnace, the garage door, the plaster ceiling, and the plumbing first.  (I bought my dream stove last- and then moved 7 blocks west less than a year later!)
  • FUN: I want to have max fun.  Whether it’s tailgating, connecting, cooking, hosting, at Lyon’s pub… I enjoy enjoyment!
  • and last, but not least – Financial security.  I want to feel safe and secure- I don’t want to worry about paying my bills or negatively impacting my credit rating.

Financial security has always been a huge part of my decision making, and has driven me to always have a corporate job.  For much of my career, I sacrificed fun and stewardship during a majority of my waking hours, just to get the regular paycheck.  I was bound and determined to mold my effort and behavior to meet expectation and ultimately get the treat – a monetary reward. 

Soon, I found that my fun had dwindled to almost nothing.

After pondering that for a couple of months, I started to think ahead.  I decided to forgo financial security (in the short term), and have faith that it would come back via different means.  I decided to believe that there is a market out there, just waiting for my skills and strengths to come together in a way that allows me to have fun and be the steward.  I know there is a market that will invest in me, especially if I am at the top of my game and in a place where I can give (and not merely survive from one paycheck to the next)!

Whoa.  That was one big fat decision I made- of course with the help and support of my awesome husband, Neighbor Dave.

So I’m honing in, narrowing down all of the crazy brainstorm ideas, and things are coming into focus. 

So you’re probably asking, where does your sister come into this story?

Molly came over for Mardi Gras dinner last night.  She asked me, “what are you doing on your time off?  Are you eating bonbons?”  I said, no!  I am working!  It feels great!  I’m networking with people who have left the corporate world, to figure out how they did it and what I can learn from them.  I’m thinking a lot about cooking, coaching and teaching, and right now, all I want to do is talk about what I want to do with other people that love to do it too! 

And Molly said,

“why are you spending so much time thinking about others who like what you like? 

Shouldn’t you be thinking about and networking with the people who are going to pay you?”

Oh yeah!  Smart girl she is.

Our conversation turned to the people, market, groups, websites, magazines, forums that could be, will be, my target markets.  The people that will facilitate my financial security!  Feels like a great new pair of glasses I just put on.

Thanks Molly!


3 Responses to “Thanks to my little sis”

  1. Molly Says:

    Thanks for the awesome company, and dinner too!

    You also provided me with a new perspective last night by asking a question… “Is it easy?”… We are good for each other, and I think I will keep you!

  2. Hey Jen,

    I smiled through the entire post. I have complete faith and confidence that you will make it happen! And by “it,” I mean anything (yes, anything) that you choose to do. You inspire me, and it is such an honor navigating through the process with you. And I love that you’re having fun with it all…why not?



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