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Connecting February 19, 2010

This week, my first week in my new world, I made it a priority to reconnect with people and relationships that are important to me.  (Given that I’m not officed downtown any longer, it’s critical to have connection time for a raging extrovert like me!) 

It’s interesting to me how my “lens” and perspective have changed and how I am filtering information differently than I did even last week.  I imagine it’s similar to how people feel when they have important life events like having a baby or moving or getting married.

I learned more about myself in each interaction.  I thought I’d share some of the great inspiration I received from some of my favorite people!

My college friends and I have shared trials and tribulations over the years- we’ve now known each other for more than half of our lives- we’ve matured together.  From the happiness of new loves, children, career, “moving up in the world”- to health and wellness challenges, infertility, separation, business and career loss.  In all of this, we’ve supported each other, celebrated together, grieved together, and laugh through it all- and Monday’s dinner was no exception.  Thanks to you for teaching me that “we never get more than we can handle.” 

I rarely get the opportunity to spend time with my middle sis, and on Wednesday we had that chance!  Mom, Jill and I met for a brief couple of hours (in between her business meetings).  Jill challenges me with her keen intellect and different points of view.  While we were driving in the car together, we talked about the different circumstances we experienced growing up to today- I stayed put, she moved; she went to law school and paid her way, I went to B school supported by my company; she’s been married 10 years, I’ve been married 2; etc etc.  It would be easy, based on ones perspective, to judge some situations as easier/better/more advantageous than others… but it’s more empowering to seize control today and move forward regardless of the past, the “sunk cost” of decisions from yesterday.  Thanks Jill, for challenging me through our brief and engaging conversation and affirming my commitment to following my dream!

Yesterday, I met with coworkers from companies past.  We talked about personal and professional accomplishments, work/life balance, finding pride and joy in doing what we do… thanks to Prayati, Tina, Stephanie, Maria, Kathy and Eric for your encouragement and support, teaching me that what I’m dreaming of today has been lurking all along!

In all of this, I focus on my personal choices and where they’ve led me over the past month (to entrepreneurship), two years (from one company to another), 18 years (from college to work)… and think about the choices I’m making now.  I feel so empowered!  Scared!  Awesome!  Supported!  Free!  I know you’ve all got my back and are cheering me along.  Thanks so much for challenging me to be my best!


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