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A Labor (of love??) February 22, 2010

Oh!  It’s new Monday number two!  I wonder when they’ll stop feeling new?  I treated myself to a little extra sleep today.

I’m doing double duty.  I have some networking meetings set up this week to meet with people who have left corporate life to start their own gig.  I’ll be asking questions about how they started, words of wisdom and advice, how they structure their days, what’s been most successful for them.  I’m excited to get some new perspectives as things come together in my mind.  (This reminds me of a story about sculpting that I’ll share with you another day…)

Also featured this week, I’m doing some work at Neighbor Dave’s house- it’s on the market (anyone interested in a great two story in Kingfield- Minneapolis?)  There were some things that needed to be done to spruce it up and now I have the time so I’m putting some sweat equity in.  Thanks to Dave too for working with me yesterday.  I bet he is relieved to be back to his normal Monday today.  We’re both tired and weary after a long day of work.

I am in need of some inspiration!  Tell me, what is one thing that you have wanted to get to for awhile, and if you had the time, you’d do it in a heartbeat?  I’m taking recommendations via the comments section- inspire me!  

Off to Dave’s house!


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