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Starting a Business is like Wedding Photography February 24, 2010

This week I’ve done half home improvement, half business stuff (with some extra sleeping thrown in).  My business work consists of two parts: Ideation/Conceptualizing, and Infrastructure/Set up.  It seems like a chicken or egg question: what comes first, the Business Concept or the Incorporation?  Should I set up the corporation, the checkbook, and the CPA first?  Or should I finalize the concept first and then set everything up?

I’ve heard from folks on both sides of the fence.  I feel pressure (self-imposed) to hone in on my business concept.  Last night at a networking event, I got some great advice:  Lay out my plan and vision, and then capture my idea in one sentence- make it simple!  The rest will follow.

This got me thinking about planning for my wedding day.  I was working with Geordie the photographer on wedding logistics.  He shared his extensive experience and counseled:

“Do the pictures before the wedding.  You’ll just want to keep the high going after the ceremony, and pictures will pause the happy action.”  …or something to that effect, it’s been 2.5 years since then!

And gosh was that great advice.  We had beautiful pictures taken in advance, and from the moment our ceremony started, we could devote our full attention to joy and celebration and moving things toward the party at the Ukranian!  Awesome!

I feel like the infrastructure of the business, the lawyers and the accountants and the bank account and the corporation, are the ‘logistics’ of the business… and that as I hone in on the concept, once I have it, I’ll want to go full steam ahead and “not pause the happy action.”  I decided that I am going to go after both at the same time (Thanks to Krista for sharing her experience and words of advice on that topic yesterday). 

So I’m going to plow ahead with both the Chicken and the Egg.

PS Geordie’s pics are amazing!!!


2 Responses to “Starting a Business is like Wedding Photography”

  1. Geordie Says:

    And what great clients to work with!!!

  2. […] for me at lunch yesterday.  She had hooked me up with the networking event (that I blogged about here and here).  She is so great at connecting people!  I shared with her how I had gone from energized […]

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