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Undies in a Bundle Pants on the Ground February 25, 2010

I’m not sure why that title appeared there just now, but maybe I’ll figure it out by the end of this post!

First off- I’m recovering from having my undies in a bundle.  Earlier this week I attended a networking event and my brain starting smoking a bit after getting lots of diverse information from diverse sources.  Ask and ye shall receive- I asked for tips, tricks, advice, words of wisdom and got it in spades.  I think most people are giving and generous of their experience and they want to help!

The following morning, I woke up feeling overwhelmed.  There are so many paths to choose from!  Research to be done!  More people to talk to and network with!  Decisions to be made, Actions to be taken!

Thankfully I had a coaching session with Michelle ( yesterday morning.  I can’t do this wrong.  There isn’t a wrong way.  The networking people confirmed it- each had a different story and different advice, and all must have a similar goal: to be happy & successful.  And of course there isn’t just one way of doing that.

Breathe.  Open my mind.  Focus.  Have fun!  Unwind the undies.

I had originally planned to do 5 things yesterday, and I narrowed it down to three. 

I prioritized working at Neighbor Dave’s house, as that is a foundation from which I/we will build upon.  I dream of it being sold. 

I attended a wonderful group discussion about setting intention.  It was affirming and warm and left me with good energy.  I commit to focusing on what I want, how I want to feel, enjoyment.  It was like bookending my day on a high note, and I’ll go again next week.

Is that the equivalent of pants on the ground?  I’m not sure, but if it is, it feels much better.  I’m starting my day calm and energized, ready to go spend some quality time installing baseboards.  Look toward SW Minneapolis and send a positive thought my way!


3 Responses to “Undies in a Bundle Pants on the Ground”

  1. Matt Says:

    Picture yourself where you want to be and work backwards….That should simplify it!

    • jennwoo2 Says:

      You’re right Matt! I worked with my friend Jill (see the comments on the Strengths Finder post) today and we came up with the start of some great elevator speeches that will explain the concepts… more dreaming to come (please remind me of this again when/if I need it!)

  2. […] at lunch yesterday.  She had hooked me up with the networking event (that I blogged about here and here).  She is so great at connecting people!  I shared with her how I had gone from energized to […]

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