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I picture the Future. It is beautiful. March 8, 2010

I have a coaching session with Michelle 3 times per month.  When I call Michelle and her cheery voice answers hello, I take a deep breath which clears my mind and puts me in a really good spot to do my work during our session.  We cover a lot of ground in a half hour: what’s up, what’s happened, where I’m headed, where I need help.  I take away a few things to think about and ponder, and I always leave time after our session has concluded to write down my thoughts and notes as a way to wrap up that day’s work and plan for the next time.

A couple of weeks ago, I left with a fun assignment: to create a vision board.  I’ve been moving my brain, my focus, my self toward the future and exercising my own control over my work.  Creating a vision board is a way to document, creatively, a visual goal or reminder of who I am and what I want.  It will serve as a compass, or as Michelle said, be my “true north.”

Imagine asking yourself:  Who am I?  Where am I going?  How do I want things to be?  What do I want my life to look like, feel like?

FUN!  (yes, that is both what I want my life to be, and how I found the exercise!)

I wanted to be sure that Neighbor Dave was involved in my “art project.”  It’s very, very important to me that we’re on the same page with where I’m going individually and how that relates to where we’re going as a married couple.  We picked out some magazines- cooking, lifestyle, Fast Company for future technology and trends.  We each grabbed a scissor and independently started cutting out pictures, words, and phrases.  We didn’t talk much during that part, we just picked things we liked and plucked them from the pages.

I looked at all of the pieces of paper on the coffee table.  I wasn’t sure what to do next, but it made sense to me to organize them into groups that made sense to us.  After that, there were piles: us, our home, our city, how we want to feel, travel, friend/extrovert-ism (is that a word?), cooking, computers, music, sports.  I took that and started pasting them onto a piece of yellow tagboard.  The pictures seemed to self-prioritize, as I did have a couple leftover (sorry Dave that the picture of bacon didn’t make it onto the final product!!)

Here it is! 

The vision board has been hanging in the house for a couple of weeks now.  Yesterday, Dave suggested that we go out geo-caching.  I thought, wow!  I don’t know that Dave has ever initiated a walk.  I thought about our board, and the pictures of people walking with their dog and having a “healthier lifestyle”- wow!  (We did learn it’ll be better to geo-cache when there isn’t melting snow all over.  Soon!  Soon!)

Krista, whom I met through a mutual friend at Big Corporation #4, and I talked over the phone two weeks ago.  What a great conversation!  She shared about her experience starting her business, and we compared notes.  I received an email from her Friday and she’ll be facilitating  a Vision board creation class on 3/20.  If you’re inspired to creatively focus on what’s important to you, check out the link to her flyer HERE.  This class is being offered as part of Art of Peace.  If you want a supportive friend to go too, let me know!  I’d be happy to make it a date.

I picture the Future.  It is beautiful.


2 Responses to “I picture the Future. It is beautiful.”

  1. Could I ask for a more amazing client? Jen, you are SO dedicated to doing the work it takes to gain clarity on who you are, where you are going, how you want to feel, and how you want to make a difference in the world. It’s such an honor for me to be a part of the journey ‘with’ you. I’m awed and inspired by your drive to make your life rock! And yes, the future is beautiful. 🙂

    P.S. Cool about Krista’s class–I know her!

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