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Categorizing, Organizing, Similies and Metaphors March 9, 2010

For those that have been reading for awhile, you’ll notice I play… with the background, the fonts, adding photos, updating poor grammar. 

This past weekend I added tags to my posts, and now they appear as a wordcloud to the right.  Cool!

Having just come from a role creating data structure in my job at Corporation #4, I wanted to be sure, now that there are more than a handful of posts, that there is a structure for them.  I set out to group the subject matter into buckets.

This is kind of like cleaning a messy closet (similie!).

I started by reading the posts, and jotted down the tags that seemed to make sense.  Kind of like pulling shoes, coats, boxes, Vikings stuff, scarves…. out of my front closet and putting them in piles.  Or pulling out the giant mountain of unfiled paperwork and sorting it into insurance, mortgage, utilities, credit cards, car, dog… to file in preparation for tax filing (oh, that’s what I should be doing right now!)

Sorting is good.  It’s a great way to start something that seems too big to start.

So I reviewed my list of possible tags for these posts.  I associated them to each post as appropriate.  Then the tag cloud magically appeared.  Can  you tell what I’ve been doing?  (hint: look at the tag cloud.)

I’ve been saying Goodbye.  And I’ve been saying Hello.  (metaphor! for transition.)

I had to do the work to acknowledge what I didn’t want to do, feel, be anymore.  It’s a process.  I also had to embrace, discover, think about, DO, FEEL what I want to be. 

If you feel like it, take a 15 minute break today.  On a piece of paper (pick a small one at first), draw a line straight down the middle.  Think about a few things you don’t want (to feel, do, think about) any longer.  Write them on the left side.

Next, the best part, think about a few things you DO want to feel, think about, be.  Write them on the right side.  Think about those things more often.

In a week, let me know what happened!  Good luck!


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