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It’s Sunny (in my world anyway) March 11, 2010

I took the day off from writing yesterday so I wouldn’t bore the pants off of you!

Sometimes a thought comes to me on a subject I should write about in the blog.  Then another sometimes, I write it down so I don’t forget it.  I haven’t had one of those thoughts yet this week.

Taking a note from Jason’s Wax Grateful blog, I’m going to share about why it’s nice to be able to program my very own morning schedule. 

I get up at the time I always used to get up, to give Neighbor Dave the gift of a gentle and gradual wake up process.  I packed his lunches and got my boots on.  Cara the dog and I walked Dave to his bus stop.

Lately it’s been icy in the mornings so in order to avoid falling- a gift I have- I go home.  But today the sidewalks were damp but not icy so Cara and I cruised the ‘hood. 

What a gorgeous morning!  It’s foggy, yes… but the cardinals are out playing (or maybe fighting, I don’t know- in any case it’s pretty); the squirrels are stealing birdfood from well-protected (but not well enough) birdfeeders; people’s morning lights shine from the back of the house through the front windows; nobody was out so we had the sidewalks to ourselves.  I discovered that there is a little bit of Garfield on this side of 50th, tucked between Fremont and Lake Harriet on 47th.  I didn’t know that!

It just started pouring rain outside- I missed it by walking early!

I’ve got my hot coffee, my computer, and I’m sitting at my dining room table with a 360 degree view of the out-of-doors.  I love the view from my office.  It’s definitely sunny in my world.


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