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With the Help of my Friends… March 15, 2010

For an extrovert like me, nothing like a little collaboration with others to get me out of a “writer’s block” funk.

Thanks to my friends Jill & Allen for hosting me on Saturday and facilitating a great brainstorming session on business concepts. I am summarizing the results, organizing them (see previous post on Organization) and I know there will be a post on how this went sometime in the future.

Thanks to Meggi and Markus who grabbed me for a nice walk to Java Jack’s this afternoon. I brought my preparation homework with me for my coaching session tomorrow, and while we basked in the sun and sipped coffee, they took turns asking me questions about my assignment to get my brain out of first gear.

I love bouncing ideas around with others and always want to have smart and giving people in my life! Thank you so much for helping me push my business ideas forward!

How do you push forward when you get “stuck”?  I’d love some new tricks in my arsenal… please share!


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