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Getting down to Business March 24, 2010

OK.  I have a statement to make.  Maybe a couple.


I am unapologetically a self-trained cook.  (Thanks to a little nudging from Pam over the phone long distance, when I was in Paris preparing a Thanksgiving menu, and she was telling me how to do “real” mashed potatoes:  “Cook them.  Mash them with a fork.  Eat them.”)

My hosting focus is the mix of people.  Yes- I’m no Martha Stewart- if you checked out my drawers and closets when I have you over, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

And I’m ready to teach you how to do both of those things.  With energy, enthusiasm, and confidence!  JOY!  BLISS!

My first class is going to be “Crash Course Dinner Party.” 

If you’ve thought any of the below, this is for you:

  • I’m at a restaurant.  And I’m spending too much money.
  • It’s way too loud in this restaurant/bar… I bet I could make a better atmosphere at home.
  • This waiter is rushing us!  We want to talk!
  • I like these friends.  I like those friends.  I kinda want to mix them together!
  • I have the dishes.  I have the cookware.  I want to use them more.
  • There’s this guy/gal that I like… Can dinner lead to more? 
  • I like my house.  I bet other people will too.
  • I want to up my dinner game and add to my cooking bag of tricks.

Crash Course Dinner Party will be a three-session class, in preparation for hosting your very own party.  It will be one night a week for three consecutive weeks, at my house.

Guinea Pig special: Crash Course Dinner Party – Host in May.   Wednesday nights, April 14-21-28 from 7-8pm at my house.  Enjoy appetizers and wine while we plan for your dinner party.   This class is now full!  Stay tuned for a new session starting in May.

Contact me via email if you’re interested in joining this introductory class!

I’m looking forward to seeing you!


3 Responses to “Getting down to Business”

  1. Wow, Jen–congratulations! I’m having fun reading about all the ACTION you’ve been taking. Love the storyboards, your new entries on Tripping on the Ladder, and now this awesome Crash Course. I can barely wait for our session tomorrow! Gonna keep reading now…

    Rock on!

  2. Lisa Saline Says:

    Jen-your story of Corporate Manager to Entrepreneur is very inspiring. I also love your idea of “Crash Course Dinner Party”. Actually, I would love to attend so I could hold a dinner party for my own family. Yup – all 4 of them. It would be so much fun to surprise them with their own special party that we are so far out of touch with.

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