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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Food Illiteracy March 26, 2010

We interrupt the normally available blogging to talk about Jamie Oliver’s new show on Friday nights called “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” 

In a word, WOW.

The show follows Jamie Oliver as he begins a food revolution in a West Virginia town.  He started by working with one school to change their menus from processed food like potatoes, pizza, chicken nuggets and patties from the grossest parts of the chicken.  He cooks simple meals from scratch and teaches families to do the same.

It is such a pleasure and joy to cook!  It doesn’t have to be hard.  My mom cooks for herself every day- a simple cut of meat and vegetables, with enough leftover for the next day’s breakfast.  (Yes, if any of you that know me wondered where my taste for savory breakfast came from, it’s biologically preordained- just like my early to bed, early to rise tendencies.)

It is amazing to me that there are kids out there that can’t recognize vegetables like a potato or a tomato, yet they can immediately identify french fries and ketchup.  I got all fired up when I was driving at noontime today and heard a report about “Food illiteracy” on MPR.  One woman told a story about how she had entertained some family friends and the 9 year old child didn’t recognize what was on his plate when she served him a baked potato directly from the oven.

Do you want to join the revolution?  Cooking is fun, an art form, can be faster than the drive thru, and tastes AWESOME.  It is one of my greatest pleasures and I know it can be yours too.

Check out the show.  It’s amazing.


2 Responses to “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Food Illiteracy”

  1. Katie Kloos Says:

    Hi Jen,

    I’ve enjoyed keeping up will all of your new adventures and I admire you for taking a new path. Hannah & I have really gotten into Jamie Oliver’s show — what a tender heart he has and such passion. All my best to you young lady! Looks like a coffee clutch is in order.

    Take care,

    • jennwoo2 Says:

      Thank you Katie! I’ve even got Dave hooked on Jamie Oliver’s show. We’re looking forward to this Friday’s episode. It’s a great time to be in food!
      Let’s coffee clutch!!!

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