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Making a Name (for my business & myself) March 26, 2010

I’ve broken through this brief episode of “writer’s block” using one of my favorite tools- a version of an Affinity Diagram!  (Yes, all of that stuff I learned in Six Sigma is still helpful to me!  YEAH!)

I started writing down the words (one per post-it) that I want to be associated with my business; on the minds of my clients when they interact with my business; what I want my business to stand for.  Then I hit the thesaurus online and wrote down lots of similar words.  I also wrote down word origins if they were interesting or catchy.

This was a really fun exercise.  It takes the best of crosswords, Scrabble, Balderdash, Pictionary, and Marketing and throws it all into one.  Some of the words really stand out as keepers, others aren’t making it through the first cut.  I am finding a real attraction to words that start with ‘C.’  Not sure why, and not making any promises on the final business name- but don’t be surprised if the third letter of the alphabet makes an appearance (whoa, another appearance of the number 3!  See today’s Diary Entry at Tripping on the Ladder for more on that topic…)

I was running out of my first run of business cards that listed my title as “Entrepreneur,” and since I had a networking event scheduled yesterday, I set a goal for myself to print a new set of business cards with a different and more descriptive title to take with me.  I had a suspicion that the Affinity Diagrams could get me there.  And my title ended up being…

So there!  I reserve the right to change my title again, but this is it for the next 50 business cards (I’m probably down a few after the networking.  Thanks to Women Who Really Cook for a great meeting yesterday.)

So, if you could choose your own Title, what would it be?  Leave a comment (bonus points for making me laugh!)


4 Responses to “Making a Name (for my business & myself)”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Hey!! Did you know that the ‘c’ sound is one of the most pleasureable sounds to the human ear? No lie–I heard this on the news somewhere–that the reason why Coca-Cola went with their name is b/c for some reason people like to hear the ‘c’ sound. So, good omen for your business title!

  2. Love this!!! And I love the way you keep makin’ things happen. 🙂

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