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My weekend at Parley Lake Winery, and a little Santa Claus thrown in March 30, 2010

It’s a good week!

I’m relaxing after a great weekend at the Parley Lake Winery Tasting Room, where I’ll be managing this summer and fall.  The University of Minnesota is developing grapes that can withstand our cold Minnesota winters (without special treatment).  My good friends Steve & Deb Zeller, in partnership with Lin and Bonnie Deardorff, are growing these grapes at the Deardorff orchards in Waconia and creating wine! 

Last weekend, Parley Lake opened for a special introduction of the dessert wine made from Frontenac grapes.  It was so fun to interact with a bunch of new people, hang out at the orchard, enjoy some wine (including wine that is “in process” and not finished- so cool to learn about that process!) and call it “work.”  It was a pleasure to be there, run the register, share the wine and some stories, and work alongside some awesome people- Bonnie, Lin, Deb, Steve, Phil, Jody and Cowboy.

It’s amazing how things pop up when you know what you want.  I know I want to be an extrovert/around people, Host, make & enjoy good food (and wine, now!) and it came up at just the right time!  It’s amazing!  This could – will – be such a great complement to my cooking & teaching.  I can imagine, sometime in the future, pairing food with great wines from Parley Lake; teaching cooking classes in a fancy new commerical kitchen; bringing food & wine together in an amazing way.   It’s serendipity (especially since miss Deb Z keeps telling me that I have taken a load off of her mind!)

I equate this to Christmas coming.  You have never heard of a kid getting in line to see Santa Claus with his carefully crafted list of everything he doesn’t want. 

No, he sat down and thought about all of the cool gifts that he does want, and brought that list to Santa.  It’s much easier for Santa to work from a list of “wants” than “doesn’t wants.”  Have you ever found yourself making this list:

  • I don’t want to live here
  • I don’t want my kid to go to school there
  • I don’t want to work here
  • I don’t want to work for that person
  • I don’t want to clean my house
  • I don’t want to cook dinner tonight
  • I don’t want to work out
  • I don’t want to work 12 hour days
  • I don’t want to feel bad anymore
  • I don’t want to …. (you get the picture).

With this list in hand, Santa wouldn’t have the foggiest clue what to bring. 

Imagine this instead:

  • I want to live in Minneapolis
  • I want my kid to go to Barton
  • I want to work in my art studio
  • I want to work for myself
  • I want my house to be clean
  • I want to eat a healthy dinner
  • I want to be fit
  • I want to work 6 hours a day
  • I want to feel great
  • I want to!…

Be ready for Santa Claus… he just might show up with what you want if you really want it.  Thank you Santa for bringing me Parley Lake!

Ahhh… the life of an entrepreneur… dreaming up “stuff” and somehow it appears… usually not how you’d expect it!


2 Responses to “My weekend at Parley Lake Winery, and a little Santa Claus thrown in”

  1. Gabe Says:

    I just heard about the winery when I connected with DebZ on LinkedIn. Sounds awesome. I cant wait to visit MN … and the winery.

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