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And Now for a Break from our Regular Posts… April 7, 2010

I was talking with my mom, Pam, on Monday night.  I updated her on Neighbor Dave’s and my visit to the Upper Peninsula, she talked about her weekend, and somehow that led to discussion about Grandma’s bills and paperwork.  By the end of the call we were both laughing~ I think I suggested she should write a blog about all of the stuff she goes through on a daily basis.  It would be hilarious, if only she could figure out how to turn a computer on.  (This is the woman who brought a laptop home to prepare some client paperwork and ended up calling her boss out of frustration because she couldn’t complete the document.  He subsequently found 11 revisions, unfinished, in her directory.  She couldn’t figure out how to get back to her work after the screen saver kicked in, so she had restarted her work 11 times.  I don’t want to be her helpdesk!!!)

Anyway, if Pam had a blog, here are some possible Post Titles…

The Week I Learned to be Sneaky (because I stole a candy lipstick from the Dime Store after I had crossed a street I wasn’t supposed to and my Dad busted me when I returned home with candy lipstick all over my face and asked me where my Quarter was and I still had it because I was saving it for the movies which cost a quarter so therefore I had stolen the candy lipstick for instant gratification of my desire for sugar.)

Blue Moon (otherwise known as the night that I had the sleepover in the Airstream trailer, and somehow my 13 year old friends and me each had procured a carton – yes, not a pack but a carton– of cigarettes and we had smoked almost all of them and then decided to “take a walk around town” which was the same period of time that my dad came out to check on us only to find a blue haze of smoke but no girls in the trailer at which point he pulled up a chair in wait, and when we returned all my friends scattered and I got spanked for the first and only time in my life which may have happened under, or caused, a blue moon- or both.)

Retribution Sucks (for people who discover their dorm suite filled to the brim with wadded newspaper and empty it to find no furniture left but thankfully all the clothes are still there but oh wait there is only one shoe for each pair and whoops all of the button holes are sewed shut on every sweater and blouse… is this because of that one time I put plastic wrap over all of the toilet bowls and put the black toilet seats down over them and then added black shoe polish for extra color, which may have resulted in the girls peeing on their feet and finding a black ring on their a…. oh yeah I’m an R.A. so I shouldn’t do that stuff.)

Ah Pam.  If she ever discovers how to turn on a computer she’ll be dangerous.


4 Responses to “And Now for a Break from our Regular Posts…”

  1. Kim Says:

    I miss Pam! She was always one who could get you to laugh until you were crying! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Molly Says:

    Thank god she doesn’t actually speak in those types of run-on sentences.

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