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A Bit ‘o’ Trivia April 16, 2010

(Repeat opening) YES- this is the Catalyst Cooks website- for the time being!  I’m excited you’re here, if you typed in, you are not in the wrong spot!

Some of you may be here for the first time- this blog is the story of how I started this new business.

However~ I’m doing a diversion post today.

I taught my first class Wednesday night this week- thanks so much to M.I. and S.P.2 for supporting me, being optimistic, and bringing energy to the first class!  Thanks too to Molly for co-hosting the class- it was great to have my little sis there, she had my back!  We had a great time.

Where was Neighbor Dave whilst all this was going on, you may wonder?  Well, he was in the basement playing his FMMOPCG (otherwise known as a Fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online P.C. Game – and no, I don’t make this sh stuff up.)  But before he “disappeared” as we like to call it, he sat down for some beef barley stew- made from soup bone courtesy of my Montana cousins and a recipe courtesy of Smitten Kitchen– and told Molly and I what he was planning for this weekend.

Today, Dave is meeting his friend PorkChopMoca Mike in Stevens Point Wisconsin.

Hopefully, Dave and friends will be in the Trivia Parade, which queues up at Lot H, just east of the Stevens Point KMart, and begins at 4pm today.  (Dave started to squirm in his chair a bit when thinking about being in this parade.  A happy squirm.)

The team Dave is on, not sure what they have named themselves, will check in and register this afternoon.  Get this: the registration fee for any size team is $30.  However, if a team purchases $125.00 worth of merchandise at the time of registration, registration is $15.00. If a team purchases $250.00 worth of merchandise at the time of registration, registration is free.  (For my Pricing friends out there, how big a scam is this???)  The thought of getting a Trivia T-shirt added a twitch to the squirm.

At that point, Dave and team will abscond to the Conference room they have reserved at their hotel, for the explicit purpose of phoning into the contest, which is held by a local radio station, 90FM.   Relaying this, Dave got positively giddy.  Molly and I laughed our butts off, because seeing this level of excitement from Dave is so rare. 

I hope Dave will have fun this weekend.  I, thankfully, will not be participating in said contest.  The dog and I are holding down the fort at home.  Have a great time Neighbor!

4/16 Just added:  The Team Name: “We’ve Got PorkChop Dave, We Don’t Need Underwear” – I’m so proud!  Apparently, every year, they have the team name of “We’ve Got _____, We Don’t Need Underwear” and this year my Dave is the star of their name.  Porkchop originated from a dinner party we had that Mike attended, and he claims that those porkchops were the best he’d ever eaten.


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