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Start crazy, end Traditional April 19, 2010

For all you Holiday Card recipients, yes, this is the Catalyst Cooks site (for now).  Stay tuned for a real one – when I get hosting and content management all figured out!

I was challenged to pick out recipes for this week’s lunches- so I decided to start out of the comfort zone and work my way back in.  Additionally, we’re in a strange part of the season where we’re craving fresh, spring-like veggies but they’re not quite ready yet.  The chives, however, are going gang-busters and taste fantastic in salad, potato dishes, etc… so don’t be surprised if I sneak them in.

Tuesday:  Homemade orecchiette (Italian ‘ear’) pasta with Fresh fava beans, ricotta, and shredded mint (fava to be substituted with frozen lima beans, if I can’t find them)

Wednesday: Pan seared pork chops with red currant sauce

Thursday: Chicken potpie in ramekins

So- has anyone else been bitten by the spring bug?  I just can’t wait to start getting our CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) boxes from Burning River Farm in Frederic, WI.  Usually the first month has lots of greens, quick to grow and protected by a plastic greenhouse.  June is filled with great salads- so abundant that by the end of the month you’re ready for the beans that come next.  We’ll also be getting farm-fresh eggs – they might convert me into an egg-lover… we’ll see.

More to come this week on dinner parties past and how I got the bug to cook and host.  I’d love to hear about your favorite dinner party- what did you like about it?  What would you do again?


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