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IDEA! = Action (Activator, Maximizer) *impatience* > Experience > Patience April 20, 2010

My standard tagline this week: Welcome to the temporary home of Catalyst Cooks.  This is about me establishing this business, so you’re not in the wrong spot!  Planning for the official site is happening now… so there will be a big debut sometime soon!

OK.  Here I sit in my lovely sunporch, hearing the cardinals singing, sun shining on me. 

I might be the slowest gal in the land, but wanted to share with all of you (who were probably waiting for me to figure it out) about the skills I’ve acquired.  What a gift to know that everything works out.


For me, when I get an idea, I want to talk about it with others, and act upon it.  Now.  It’s a great idea, so why wait?  I didn’t realize that this wasn’t true for everyone.  I remember having a conversation with my friend Nancy about this.  I was sharing with her some things I had going on, some things I was doing.  She said, “wow.  I had an idea to do something like that.”

I thought she needed some tips on how to get started.  Nope.  As it turned out, she had been pondering not just when but whether or not she should take action against that idea (which she thought was a good idea) for quite some time.

What does ‘quite some time’ mean?  To me, it’s maybe a day.  For her, it was maybe a year.  or two.  Nothing wrong with that.  But it was a revelation to me about myself that the segue in my brain from Idea to Action is about one millisecond.  I want to put that idea into play as soon as I think of it, and am confident it’s a good idea! 

After having done Strengths Finders (what an upper!  Check out this post to read about it), I was given the “technical terms” for why I do the swift, almost imperceptible transition from good idea to action.  It’s the combo of Maximizer (like seeing the puzzle pieces and forming them into the best whole in my mind) and Activator (Put it into Play).  Why wait to make something better?  Then there’s…


For me, sounds like:

“I had a great idea, I want to act on it, now.  Let’s get going.”  or

“I put that great idea out there, others should see it and want to act on it too, now.”  or

“I have this great idea, I don’t know exactly how to act on it, but I want to act on it the right way.  Now.” 


Starting a new business has a rhythm all its own, is different for everybody, takes a unique path.  I’ve learned that even if I have an idea about what’s next, and I want it to happen, it will happen in due time… just at the right time. 

For example, I went to a networking event early on- probably in my second week.  I didn’t know what exactly my new business would be, and therefore I couldn’t explain it to others.  That was frustrating, both for me and the people I was talking to.  I wanted to know already!  They wanted to have a better idea of how to help me.

Well, here we are, and I know.  (that doesn’t mean it won’t change.)  But it happened, I figured it out, and I’m onto the next Idea/Action steps that need to happen (like incorporating, hiring a CPA, designing a logo and website…)  And now I know that when I have an idea about what’s next, and I want it to happen, it will… because I’ve lived the pattern before.  Which (kind of) gives me some…


Ahhhhhh.  Breathe.


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