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Get My Networking Game On April 21, 2010

Printed 120 of these: Business Card R4 ?


Making tomorrow’s lunches early this morning so I’m ready to go at 11am?

not quite check, but going to be checked.

Wearing my cute skirt and blazer?

check.  (could this be dangerous for the cooking I’m planning?  probably.)

Ready for Networking!

Well, sort of.  I need to set my intention for today.   No idea is a bad idea, and I NEED YOUR HELP!

1.  When someone asks me, “What do you do?”, I am going to test a couple of responses for different reactions.

1A.  “You know how…” – to get the other person in the state of mind that I want my clients to be in.  For example~ “You know how you….”

  • …want to entertain at home, but you’re not sure who to invite or what to serve?
  • …want to save money by skipping the restaurant and eating in?
  • …want to experiment making different foods that ‘the usual’?
  • … have friends from different circles you want to mix together?
  • Are any of the above your favorite, or do you have a different one that would work? 

1B.  Share a Mantra- “Well, what I do is…”

  • I make things happen through the Celebration of Food!
  • I am an entrepreneur and just started my first company.
  • I connect people through food, I bring people together through food.
  • Which one of these is your favorite (or do you have another idea)?

2.  I need to figure out who I want to meet today.

2A.  Who are my clients?  People who want to…

  • …take the classes, and will have fun doing it!
  • … start entertaining at home
  • …raise their hosting and cooking game
  • …connect people and mix it up
  • …be open to new possibilities!
  • Who else out there is attracted to what I’m doing, but would use different words to describe it? 

2B.  Who knows my clients, and could partner on referrals?

  • Coaches (like Michelle) who are working with people to bring new joy and fun into life
  • Party or wedding planners who work with clients to create a gathering- those clients may someday want to create their own party!
  • Universities/colleges where graduates are transitioning to life off-campus and a new way of living and hosting
  • …. others that you can think of?

Networking at BNI White Bear today?  See you there!  Game on!


2 Responses to “Get My Networking Game On”

  1. BJ Says:

    I love •I make things happen through the Celebration of Food!
    Skip the •I am an entrepreneur and just started my first company. They can learn that later.

    That’s my two cents!

    • Jen Antila Says:

      I love it B.J., and used it in the networking session yesterday! It was a BNI event- great place to test and refine the “elevator” 30 second explanation of my business. Do you belong to something like that?

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