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Cooking Notes April 24, 2010

Today, I went for lunch with Prayati and Jennifer (thanks ladies!) and was sharing with them about my morning getting ready for coffee with Stephanie and Deb K (thanks to you ladies too!).  They insisted I blog about my cooking, so I thought I’d start today!

My coffee date was to begin at 9am, and it was 7:30.  The house was sorta clean, but needed to be picked up.  My kitchen was a disaster, with dirty dishes in the fully loaded dishwasher plus more in the sink and on the counter.  I didn’t have food for the coffee date, but thought I should.  Maybe some sort of bread.  But I just used the last of the skim milk yesterday and only have soy milk, light vanilla.  What to do?

Start with what’s most annoying.  Note to self: ALWAYS figure out the food first, and then clean up second.  But I didn’t do that.  I started cleaning the kitchen (can’t cook if there isn’t any sink or counter space), then tidied up the dining room, then decided we should take coffee on the sunporch and tidied that.  Oops- it’s 8:30.

Figure out the food.  I looked up breakfast recipes for the soy milk and ended up adapting a Honey Flax Seed Bread.  Why?  Well- two reasons- 1.  Didn’t have 4 hours.  Only 1/2 hour.  2.  Didn’t have flax seed.

Yep- I’m one crazy S.O.B.

I cut some corners on the bread prep by quickly moving from proofing stage (yes, it was a yeast bread; yes I know I’m crazy) to rise by using a hand mixer instead of kneading by hand.  I also figured out that flax is a substitute for egg so I just used an egg instead of the flax seed.  I decided to let the bread rise only once (vs the normal twice).  Time saved:  2.5 hours.  Making this stuff up as I go along!

After the bread was rising, I put the pot of coffee on to brew and I threw together some of Rachel Sherwood’s easy egg cups.  Time: 8:55.  Doorbell rings and Deb’s here.

I breeze out to meet her at the door with plates, napkins, coffee cups, and the carafe in hand.   Fakeout that I was prepared: complete.

The egg cups bake in 15 minutes, so they were ready to eat 15 minutes after Stephanie arrived.  At that point I put the bread in the oven to bake for 30 minutes, which was perfect timing:  just as we finished our savory course, the bread was ready to go.

We also shared a bottle of champagne to celebrate… that buys a lot of fakeout points as well.

It was a great morning!

What was your biggest, most successful fakeout?


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