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Customer Appreciation: Going to the Ocean April 26, 2010

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Yes my friends, you read this right.  My Lunch Bunch is going to benefit from my lack of personal control: you’re coming to the beach with me to surf.

No, it’s not Hawaii, or Puerto Rico… it’s in your lunch box.  I splurged and went to Coastal Seafoods today.  In fact, I did all my shopping in Seward.  That Cub Foods on East Lake is really interesting- the produce was really beautiful and the selection of Mexican foods was fantastic!  (Note to self: prepare for Cinco de Mayo meal here.)

Lunches for this week (think sand, wind, waves, seagulls, envious hungry people):

Tuesday: Starting you off gently with white Tilapia over couscous and topped with Citrus Fennel Relish (yum, so bright with fresh orange and grapefruit!)

Wednesday: Salmon with Maple Lemon Glaze served with Green Beans and Potato

Thursday: Tuna Scallopini with Onion, Mint, and Almond Topping served over rice

xoxo to Lee, C Thomas, and Sarah for being awesome clients!


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