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Those People at the new Twins Field, they Know how to do Grass… April 27, 2010

Filed under: © Jen Antila and Jen the Catalyst, 2010 to present. — Jen Antila @ 10:07 am

But we certainly don’t.

This is our "lawn."

I’d rather have a garden in the backyard.  Have you seen those articles in the paper that highlight people’s gardens?  I want THAT.

So I started.  By begging people.

I got lilies (in my favorite color, yellow, to be seen in a month or so);

Lilies from Michael

I got tulips from the hardware store 

I got peonies that I planted next to things that will not be blooming forever;

Peony from Deb Z

I got rhubarb and can’t wait to make something yummy with it;

Rhubarb from H.B.

and some ground cover that Neighbor Dave thinks might be a weed but you and I know is Snow on the Mountain.  Hopefully it can kick the grass’ ass.

Snow on the Mountain from Jennifer


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