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Catalyst Cooks Future Classes… April 29, 2010

At this point in developing the company, I’m drafting a course offering and would love your comments and feedback. 

Here goes…. take a look and please comment on what looks interesting and would bring life into your kitchen (or in the kitchens of people you know!)


My first class just graduated last night!  Congrats to Sarah, MI, Terri and Cathy.  I learned that there are different levels of experience- from ‘minimal vegetable cutting experience’ to ‘I’ve hosted before but want to do it more/better’.  So…

Beginner: Learn to have a dinner party in three easy steps: Mix your friends, plan your Meal, and Make it happen!

Intermediate: Take it to the next level.  BYOR (recipes) as food for thought and discuss how to pick the right menu and wine pairings.

Advanced: Recipe challenge.  BYOR based on a theme and discuss how to incorporate new ingredients, techniques, and levels of difficulty to amp up your skills.


I’m looking forward to testing this concept next Wednesday for a group of 6 for Cinco de Mayo!  For cooks of all levels: come together in the kitchen or at the grill to whip up a meal based on a theme, such as: Bastille Day, Summer BBQ fun, Tailgating 101, Grilled cheese party, Sushi Night, Chinese New Year, Evening in Italy (or France or Spain or Puerto Rico or…)

Perfect for Workgroup/team outings, Wedding or baby showers, Bachelorette party starter, Birthdays, Neighborhood or family get togethers… can be at my place or at yours; can incorporate teambuilding as part of the cooking experience upon request.


For adults on the cusp of cooking greatness!  Learn how to meal plan, grocery shop, and prepare meals from scratch, including (but not limited to): Bread and dough making, Homemade pizza, pasta, etc, Basic sauces and dressings, how to choose and use the best produce/meat/ingredients, and much more. 


For Kids who want to be “hands-on” in the kitchen!  Learn how to make basic meals from scratch, including: Breadmaking, pasta, basic sauces, stir fry… including knife handling safety, using basic kitchenware and tools, and introductory table etiquette.

CATERING: for folks who want the benefits of great food without the work

ON-SITE COOKING/KITCHEN COACHING and CONSULTATION: for folks who want a personalized confidence boost

To readers: what grabs your eye?  What piques your interest?  What suggestions do you have?  Love to hear your thoughts on this draft set of concepts!  Better yet, love to have you participate in a personal evaluation of a class!


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