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I *heart* Jamie Oliver May 1, 2010

Is it the slight underbite?

Is it the adorable way you can see his tongue when he’s being ‘cheeky’?

Is it the irreverent hair, or the irreverent attitude?

Is it the car he drives, or the way he drives it?

Maybe it’s the charm.  Anyway, I’m under his spell.  Yes, that’s right.  Jamie, if it weren’t for Neighbor Dave, you’d be one step closer to number one dude.

Jamie put out the challenge on Twitter, and immediately  I felt called to make an omelette.  Even though I don’t like eggs (unless they’re in the blueberry muffins, which I also made!)  Neighbor Dave is the willing foil for my cooking exploits.  He loves me so much he’ll eat most anything I make.  He even harvested fresh chives for the omelette.

I put a little flame under my Great-grandma’s cast iron skillet, and while it was heating up, I scrambled a couple eggs with a fork. 

I added fresh cracked pepper, a little seasoned salt, and a tad bit of water.  I put a pat of butter on the skillet and after it melted, I added the egg, then used my kitchen scissors to snip bits of chives directly on top.  Sharp white cheddar finished the masterpiece.

Maybe someday I’ll develop a taste for eggs, I wish I liked them, they look delicious!

My favorite is blueberry.  When I was planning my menus for this past week, I was going to include a blueberry lemon poppyseed bundt cake.  The beautiful morning today changed my mind and I decided to make muffins instead. 

I looked up “blueberry lemon poppyseed muffins” in google and found lots of recipes to choose from.  I adapted this one (didn’t have sour cream, so I put 3/4 cup of plain nonfat yogurt on a paper towel on a strainer over a bowl in my fridge for about 30 minutes- to remove extra liquid- and used that instead).  They were delicious, moist, and beautiful.

Yes, I did pick one of my lovely tulips just before a windy night defrocked the rest of them.  Oh joy to savor the beauty for another few days!


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