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Is this really Minneapolis? May 4, 2010

As promised, photos from the walk Neighbor Dave and I enjoyed on Sunday, which was so beautiful it led me to procrastinate terribly (as seen in yesterday’s post.)

There was pretty blue sky and the PCF was high (PCF= “Puffy Cloud Factor” according to Dave)…

Sky over Lake Harriet Rose Garden, 5/2/10

Although I’ve lived within a mile of this park for the past 12 years, I’ve seen the beauty of this place in a different way than ever before.  

The apple trees are blooming, and the scent is heavenly! 

I noticed how they are layered on the south side of the Lake Harriet Rose Garden- lots of sizes, shapes, colors make an awesome palette. 

Maybe just by looking at these pictures, you’ll be able to imagine the scent and the light and the dimension and the gorgeous colors.

Tulips are in full bloom…

My favorite color!

The Lyndale Peace Garden is in the Japanese style.

While Dave Explored…

Our new Hobby... GeoCaching!

(He was in the Roberts Bird Sanctuary so Cara and I couldn’t join him- dogs not allowed).  We explored some Dr. Seuss flowers in the Peace Garden.

What a beautiful day at Lake Harriet!


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