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What’s in your Pot? May 5, 2010

Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.

OK, I’ll just show you mine.  You may not have had anything in your pot at 9:04 this morning.

Last night, Dave and I had a dinner party- Johnny Slots was the winner of the “I Know Neighbor Dave” contest from March.  (You can join in on the fun- become a member of the Facebook Group and you too may win a fantabulous dinner, or something like that!)

We had roasted chicken with Hungarian paprika (courtesy of my friends Zoli and Irene, who brought it back from Hungary for me), brown sugar, cayenne pepper and basil rub. 

The best place to put rub is in between the skin and the flesh.  I added some to the skin too, and the roast was a beautiful ruddy color when the bird came out of the oven.

The next day, the leftovers become chicken stock, in the awesomely large and beautiful stock pot (a pot I didn’t know I couldn’t live without- what a great gift from Kevin, Diane, Megan and Matty boy)!  Doesn’t the color of the stock look so pretty and warm and delicious?

I’m also preparing tomorrow’s lunches for the Lunch Bunch.  This mystery under a towel is sitting out on my counter as we speak. 

I uncovered it to show you what’s underneath~

Aspiring Hoagie buns, rising now to bake at lunchtime.

I’m making Sausage Fennel Sandwiches for tomorrow. 

And yes, that’s right, that means there is some sausage involved!

Boiling in Beer in the Dutch Oven– the only way to pre-cook a sausage.

Last, but not least, yes- I also have a small pot of:



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