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Serv-Safe, Lunches, Bronze- Another typical Monday May 10, 2010

Good morning and happy Monday to everybody!  Happy belated Mother’s day to you Moms out there. 

For those that missed it, there is a love letter to my mom on the Minneapolis Star Tribune website from Saturday 5/8.  I responded to a tweet from Bill Ward, a reporter who covers local stories and writes a wine blog for the paper.  I figured nothing would come of it, but then he emailed me a couple weeks later to ask if Pam and I could come to the Strib offices to get our photos taken for the story.  The following Friday (4/30) we were lucky to work with Tom Wallace.  What a joy!  He took our pictures and some video.  The result was funny and fantastic.  Thanks Tom!

Pam, Molly, Neighbor Dave and I went down to visit my Grandma and have wonderful Cornish Game Hen at her place.  Cuteness ensued.  Thanks to NDave for being photographer with his iPhone.

I’m getting ready to start this week’s lunches.  I planned the menu just this morning, will be doing my grocery list and game plan next.  Here is the menu:

Monday: Burgers Mexicanos (with deconstructed guacamole and a side salad) on homemade multigrain buns- beef for Sarah, turkey for the rest

Tuesday: Cumin-scented beef Samosas (Indian pastries filled with vegetables and meat), with lettuce cups

Wednesday: Classic Italian Panini with Bacon and Fresh Mozzarella on homemade Ciabatta bread, with salad

I’m going to start my Serv Safe training today, with my goal to get my State of Minnesota catering license by the end of June.  Another step toward getting “official” in the eyes of the state, and in preparation for the happy marriage between my work at Parley Lake Winery as a Wine Tasting Room professional, and my Catalyst Cooks business- I think Food and Wine go well together!

My bookend of the day this evening is heading to bronze at Deb Z’s to continue work on my little man and little lady- it’s fun watching the wax take shape as I blister my thumb pushing parts around.  Can’t wait!


4 Responses to “Serv-Safe, Lunches, Bronze- Another typical Monday”

  1. DebZ Says:

    Food and Wine go so well together. Missed the reference to Bronze in the title. Guess you were just thinking of me, installing my “Man and the Muse” bronze.

  2. Molly Says:

    I want to go back to bronze, too!

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