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For the Love of Bacon May 12, 2010

MMMM. Bacon.

Any of you out there look longingly at the packages of bacon in the grocery store, and think, “unless I invite people over, I can’t buy this, because I’ll eat the whole darn package and it’s way too much for just me?”

Yeah.  That was me too.

But I was bound and determined to figure a way out of this Bacon Conundrum – I was a single gal, living alone, loving it, and Wanting.  Bacon.  Dammit.

You have the awesome opportunity to learn my tried-and-true trick on how to have your Bacon, and Eat it too (in reasonable serving sizes.)

First: Roll the Bacon into serving-sized bundles. (I roll two slices at a time.)

2. Ready for the next step. Always use a plastic cutting board to work with raw meat. I dedicate one of my cutting boards to raw meats only, to avoid cross-contamination.

3. I put the bacon in two plastic baggies. Air is your enemy in the freezer- squeeze out as much as you can!

4. Freeze and Voila- Two slices of Bacon - perfect for one person!

The bacon thaws very quickly.  I try to use all of the frozen bacon within one month.
Another tip: the way to get into a dude’s heart is through his stomach.  What they forgot to tell you is that the stomach REALLY responds to bacon. 
Isn’t it about time you brought more bacon into your life?  🙂

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