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Cooking is the Drug May 18, 2010

Hi everybody!

I’ve missed you…

Just back from a trip to D.C. to visit dear friends Paul & Rachel and their lovely kids.  One of my favorite moments was putting in some practice teaching pasta-making to Grace, Vera and Peter (ages 9, 6 and 2) in preparation for this summer’s Kid Cooks: Pasta Making and Etiquette class.  We used semolina flour to “make volcanoes” and made simple pasta using only water and olive oil.  The kids loved it and even ate their creations.  Even Peter had fun making shapes while he sat in his high chair.  Grace and Vera set the table with the finest of china and cloth napkins.  We brought out the candles and turned down the lights.  This was the perfect setting to enjoy a lovely dinner orechiette with arugula, tomato, and roasted peppers topped with a garlic vinaigrette and some shaved parmesan.  Getting the kids involved in the cooking and preparations really got them excited to eat a family meal, even if the tablecloth underneath was yellow plastic with white polka dots!

I just love cooking.  What better way to show your friends that you care?  Over the course of the long weekend, we also made bread, strawberry jam and galette, limoncella sorbet, grilled halibut with pepper salsa, haricots verts, and veggie & herb pizza from scratch.  That is seven ways to say I love you!

Now that spring is here, what are you cooking up in your kitchen?  I’d love some inspiration!


One Response to “Cooking is the Drug”

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