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Pasta Week: Kid Cooks Part II- Pasta Dough May 27, 2010

In yesterday’s post, I prepped for my Catalyst Cooks: Kid Cooks Pasta Class.  Tomorrow we’ll finish up with Part III.

Today, we’re continuing the journey- hands are washed and we’re ready to go!

It’s all about Fun

Yes folks- and to this crew, fun is wearing matching bandanas! 

"Pick your favorite bandana color" Jen says!

It is amazing how kids respond in kind when you come in with a great mood and a fun gimmick!

"I like purple" -Hazel

We made “Volcanoes” out of Flour.
And… Kids are so amazing. 

Evie and the Semolina Flour Volcano

Mary going for the gusto... before I even explained! Rock Star!

Kneading pasta- a thing of beauty

They jumped right in, without hesitation, and enthusiastically began to knead-
without watching me do it or being afraid they’d do it wrong.



At what age, exactly, do we start to distrust our instincts?
fear trying new things?
There is a lot we can learn from these young cooks!

Hazel- excited to see the pasta dough come together!

Adding a bit of olive oil for the last part of kneading...

Evie in the home stretch... after 15 minutes of kneading.

We shaped the pasta by rolling it into a tube.

You'd think Matt was a serious Professional Chef. If only you could have heard his occasional, perfectly timed, unintentional wit!


We used table knives to cut each tube into equal sections.   

Last (for Part II anyway!) we squeezed each section into an “ear” (orecchiette).

Hazel cutting pasta dough- so serious, and so precise!

Mary and Matt putting the finishing touches on their Orecchiette from Scratch!




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