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Let’s Just Get it All Out on the Table June 25, 2010

OK.  I admit it.

This post is going to be the “Not me Friday” like MckMama’s “Not me Monday” except for that I am not the mother of many small children and we the family Antila don’t go on spur-of-the-moment vacations and I theoretically should be able to get my butt to the grocery store.

This morning I made myself a bowl of Fiber One cereal with raisins.  Yes, this is because it’s the last of the cereal in our house.

When I went to get milk from the fridge, there isn’t any.  No soy milk (even though I do buy it in the special packaging and have three in the cupboard for times like this)- there is none!  No regular milk either.

I also ran out of: rice, balsamic vinegar, potatoes, corn meal- staples around here!

I broke into the powdered milk stash.  It actually isn’t bad.  Considering that I’m eating Fiber one with raisins and powdered milk.

Come to think of it – I haven’t been to the grocery store for three weeks.  How did I do that (and make 44 lunches, host a dinner party, tailgate at a Saints game, bring food to the winery, and host a couple of meetings at my house)?

FROZEN FOOD.  I needed to work through a backlog of: lamb steaks, brats, chicken breast, hamburger, sirloin.

CSA.  God bless the weekly delivery of vegetables… there is fresh produce in the house, all the time.  Great for salads and stir fries and yummy greens.

HERBS.  Oregano, basil, chives: can make anything taste good.

MYOB.  I make my own bread.  It makes doing the frozen brats possible, since I can make my own buns.

CONDIMENT & PANTRY BASICS.  For the dinner party, I made pulled chicken sandwiches- made my own BBQ sauce with ketchup, spices, molasses.   Parmesan cheese and dried pasta can make almost anything that goes with it taste good.  Dried beans make for awesome hummus or soup or chili or whatever.

A little Creativity can go along way if you have a basic pantry and condiments.  I will get to Pantry Part II within the next few days… so you can sport your very own awesome pantry.  And maybe take a few days without showering since you don’t have to go to the grocery store.

Not that I ever do that.


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