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Summer CSA or Farmer’s Market Essential: 7 Layer Salad June 29, 2010

Ah, the CSA.  I love June with the abundant greens and sweet early produce like turnips and green onions.

Perfect as a starting point for 7 layer salad (I of course take liberties with the number seven and make it 9 instead.)

I like to make sure that the ingredients in the salad are as dry as possible.

So I spin the leafy greens in a salad spinner- the best $2 I’ve ever spent (at a Paris flea market).

If you don’t have a salad spinner- get one!  It spins away most of the water on leafy greens and veggies-

so they end up perfectly dry for now or for later.

I like to put my salad in a glass bowl or dish – thanks Barb for the Pyrex gift, it’s the perfect show off for seven layers!

First layer: lettuce.

Then I cut my green onions for layer two.

I also added frozen peas- fresh ones aren’t quite in season, so I got these from my pantry stash.

Looking good so far!

You can use regular white, purple, or yellow onions instead of green-

Beans instead of peas-

Any combination is good.

Next is a layer of cheese.  I think a sharp cheddar is best.

Then your meat.  I used sausage this time, but bacon is my favorite (very crispy and then broken into bits).


I had turnips in the CSA box this week so added a layer of that.  Nice and crunchy!

Then the dressing- some mayo (about 3/4 a cup) and a tablespoon of sugar, well combined.

I frosted the salad like frosting.

For the coup-de-grace, I put parmesan on the top.

There you go!  Seven layer salad!

Check out what’s in your fridge and see if you can pull one of these babies off-

it’s worth every ounce of effort- so good and fresh! 

This salad pairs perfectly with a Sauvignon Blanc (with herbal notes), or a crisp, fruity off-dry white such as Parley Lake Winery’s La Crescent.


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