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More fun in the Garden (not of Eden, but darn close: Mpls) July 15, 2010

I’m kinda in love with my Pickle Plant.  Otherwise known as cucumbers.

Stephanie gave me this as a hostess gift for a dinner party I had a month ago.

It immediately started to show the front porch who’s boss.

It kinda took over the whole joint!

Even if the pickle plant is brazen, it’s pretty enough to get away with it.

It has those delicate tendrils.

Grabs onto anything, even its plant neighbors.

Maybe the pickle plant is engaging in a subtle, slow moving war…

to take over and conquer its territory.

I keep moving it away from the other plants-

reminds me of riding in the Vega station wagon as a kid,

when my parents used duct tape to create a territory for each of us sisters.

Of course we crossed the line every once in awhile.

The pickle plant is so interesting and a bit fuzzy.

I like how the leaves are crimped on the edges.

And of course it is offering gifts to me for taking good care of it.


One Response to “More fun in the Garden (not of Eden, but darn close: Mpls)”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Jen – sometimes – it’s ok to be brazen and pretty at the same time – I think that’s the way you roll!

    Hope to see you Saturday at the winery – will have my mom!

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