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Thanksgiving Primer, Part I September 20, 2010

I love love love hosting Thanksgiving, after my first time many years ago.  I was intimidated even just to cook back in those days, much less host a bunch of people for the best fall holiday.  Doing it the first time showed me that I could do any dinner party I wanted… practice is the key!

Ever since that first time, whenever turkey is on sale for cheap, I feel compelled to buy it.  Never mind that my freezer is a side by side and can only accommodate a turkey that is less than 7 inches wide.  That’s what my second freezer (at the Grand Ave house) is for.  After all, you can never practice Thanksgiving enough.

It was my friends’ best luck that my turkey was evicted from the Grand House last week.  Our new tenants didn’t want to live with my turkey anymore.

Thus, Thanksgiving Thursday in September.  A great dry run for November festivities, and fodder for a new CRASH COURSE Thanksgiving planning class.

You can learn all of my secrets by attending the Thanksgiving Crash Course!  Check it out HERE and HERE, and sign up!

If you’re a brave soul, you too will raise your hand now and say, YES- I’m going for it and I’m going to host Thanksgiving!  It’s a rite of passage to being a big boy or girl.

If it’s your first (or even your second or third) time, and you need some help to plan it, I’ve got just the thing… a three week prep class that will start on Thursday, 11/4.  For the three weeks before Thanksgiving, we’ll go through Thanksgiving Planning Parts I, II, and III… over appetizers and wine.  No stress needed, just a bit of planning is all it takes!

Planning Primer Part I-

Who’s coming for dinner?

What do you want to serve- what will you delegate, and what will you yourself prepare?

What recipes will you choose — do you have everything you need to make those recipes?  If not- will you buy it, or choose a different recipe?

And, three weeks before, the fun begins!


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Primer, Part I”

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