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Plateaus and the Beekeeper’s Dream October 21, 2010


A leveling out.  A period of relatively little or no change.  Flatness.

That’s what I think about when I think about a plateau.  I feel like I’m on one. 

Some days I feel like napping.  Resting.  Flattening out, myself.

Why?  Why did my energy dip?  Is it the chill in the air, the hard work I do on the weekends at the winery, the additional exercise I’ve committed to doing each day?

Is it that I forgot to rest when I was Saying Goodbye to old things and Saying Hello to New things?  Did I forget to stop and take stock in the middle, as the Transition grid says I should?

Michelle says there isn’t a wrong way to do this entrepreneurial thing.  Or, for that matter, there isn’t a wrong way to do your life.  So I have taken the past couple of weeks since my last coaching session to accept this gift of a period of rest.  I’ve settled into the comfort inside my four walls and embraced my down blanket with the soft, suede-like skin and wrapped it around me.  I decided to enjoy this plateau and changed how I perceive this stage.

Merriam Webster actually defines plateau as “A level of attainment or achievement.”  Take that, Jen the Catalyst!  Enjoy and savor what you’ve accomplished, and get fueled up for the next climb!!!

So I had a dream the other night.  I was at the Orchard, digging through the beehive to get at some delicious honey. 

But the Bees kept stinging.  It hurt, and I wanted to stop.

But the voice in my head said- “Keep going!  Even if it stings now, if you keep trying, you’ll get some luscious honey at the end.”

Golden, sweet honey. 

In my dream, I kept going.  I kept trying.

My dream will conquer my brain.  I know it!


6 Responses to “Plateaus and the Beekeeper’s Dream”

  1. faithmcgown Says:

    Wonderful! I’m so glad you kept going. Almost every one of my wellness clients has expressed a lack of energy over the last several weeks. At least some of it is our bodies adjusting to the new season. Honor your body and be well!

  2. Carrie Kennedy Says:

    Jen, this is a lovely and wise piece. Remember that resting is not giving up–it’s just resting. I tell my writing students (and myself, b/c I ALSO just had a rest from writing that I’m hoping to rise out of–today) that every creative mind needs a period of ‘rest’ so that the subconscious mind can take over for a little while. This is a necessary process that sometimes looks and feels like laziness when actually, your subconscious is working away, doing invisible work much like a crock pot simmers all day, quietly working on something delicious. Productive people like you and me have trouble with this, but I would bet my laptop that after this rest you will have some fresh, new ideas that seemingly came out of nowhere. Cheers!

  3. Beth Says:

    Good to see another post – although you’re smart to take time off if it feels right. A plus to this entrepreneurial thing – you make your own schedule. You’ve had an amazing year, yes? The Gunderson clan is off to the winery/orchard now. Hope to see you there… You’ll hear us coming!

  4. Sheila Says:

    Jen, such wise observations about your experience, and I love the dream. I believe our dreams are our soul talking with us. If I dreamt that dream I would take it to mean that my soul advises me to ignore the minor irritants of daily living and to keep going after my heart’s desire.

    Yes, I also went through a long period of being very tired after leaving and starting anew. It is a natural part of the letting go and the letting come process. Simply listen to your body and do as it instructs, whenever possible. Then the shift can happen more easily.

    Love to you on your journey.


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