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Make Healthy Holidays Happen! October 25, 2010

(Great things are often a surprise.  So it is with my friend Faith– we met, clicked, and wanted to collaborate right away!  Here is a blog post we wrote together introducing this great collaboration…)

The holidays evoke memories of family gatherings, traditions, warm hues of orange and brown and the deep reds of the changing leaves of fall and Thanksgiving, or the warmth of candles and scent of evergreen in December. 
And, of course, food.
Preparing the Thanksgiving feast, baking Christmas cookies with recipes handed down from Grandma, looking forward to the holiday potluck at work, and holiday parties galore where appetizers and cheer abound.
The dictionary defines “healthy” as vigor of body, mind, and/or spirit; enjoying prosperity, flourishing; being well, fit, hearty, robust, sound, whole, wholesome.
“Healthy Holidays” doesn’t have to be an oxymoron! 
The holidays are a time to celebrate the people we love and the blessings we share. Health is almost always among the things we express gratitude for during the holidays, yet it is often ignored when we plan menus and prepare food for our friends and families–the folks whose health we care most about.

Why not make this year’s holiday season health-improving time for you and those you love rather than a break from healthy habits?

Contrary to popular opinion, healthy holidays don’t sacrifice taste, fun, or convenience. In fact, healthy holidays can be delicious, joyful, and filled with love…not to mention beautiful.
We have combined our passions–Jen’s passion for celebrating good food and Faith’s for improving health and well-being–to bring you a two-part series of classes called Healthy Holidays–Cooking Well and Choosing Well.

In them, we’ll show you how to prepare healthy appetizers and foods for the holidays, as well as make the best choices at holiday gatherings and celebrations.

It’s the perfect marriage of the celebration of food and wellness!
Healthy Holidays: Cook Well & Choose Well
Part I: Cook Well: Sunday November 14, 3-6pm, Cave Vin Restaurant $30/class or Parts I & II for $50
A hands-on class focused on how fresh, local, whole foods can contribute to your healthy holiday without sacrificing taste or convenience! You’ll leave class comfortable preparing healthy and delicious recipes you’ll be proud to serve your friends and families. Sample your creations and enjoy an afternoon of fun, cooking and inspiration.
Part II: Choose Well: Monday December 6, 7-9pm Southwest Mpls $30/class or Parts I & II for $50
The holidays don’t have to mean the undoing of your healthy habits. Learn how to make healthy choices at holiday gatherings, substitute healthier ingredients in traditional holiday recipes, enjoy yourself without sacrificing your healthy habits, and reduce stress for your holiday! Sample healthy holiday fare and enjoy an evening of fun, learning and inspiration.


One Response to “Make Healthy Holidays Happen!”

  1. Jen!
    LOVE to see all the great things you got goin’ on with your classes. And how cool that they’re facilitated by my high school pal and my college buddy! All the best to you and Faith…I can only imagine what a great team you two make!

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