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Homemade Pasta Recipe – it’s Therapeutic! September 8, 2011

Homemade Pasta

Extra Extra, read all about it!

Catalyst Cooks is in the Star Tribune today!

To make the best homemade pasta at your house, here is the recipe I use:

1 part Semolina (durum wheat) flour

1 part whole wheat flour

2 parts unbleached All purpose flour

1 part water (give or take)

1 teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil per cup of flour

1 egg per 1-3 cups of flour (optional)

Pile the flour on a clean, dry surface that is appropriate for kneading on and rolling dough on.

Create a well in the center (or what I call a ‘volcano’) and crack egg(s) into the center.  Add water, leaving a bit of a rim on the flour well.

Using one finger, begin to move the liquid in a circle, slowly expanding the well of flour and slowly incorporating flour into the liquid.

When the consistency of the liquid becomes more pasty, use your hands to pull the dry flour from the sides of the well over your paste.

Begin to knead.  Pasta dough is best when it is tacky but dry to the touch and cracking a bit but not a lot.  Meaning- not too wet but not too dry.

Knead for 10 to 15 minutes.  Add olive oil as needed to ensure an elastic, pliable, dry to the touch dough that has a nice sheen.

Cover with plastic wrap when finished kneading, and allow to rest for 15 minutes.

After resting, the dough is ready to roll.  You may roll on a large surface by hand using a dowel or rolling pin, flipping the dough to the opposite side occasionally.

Or you may use a pasta machine.  Cut the dough into slices, flatten, and roll through the machine starting on setting one and moving up one setting at a time until the dough is at the desired thickness.

When the dough is at your desired thickness, drape on the back of a chair or another drying surface and allow to dry slightly- 15 minutes or so.  Cut into desired shapes, and put into boiling water immediately until the pasta floats to the top- this only takes a moment!

Or use the sheets for lasagne- no pre-cooking required.

Enjoy your therapy!


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