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Clean that Counter (and cutting board and table and…) October 14, 2011

Last night I hosted a cooking lesson- one of my favorites right now- making homemade pasta.  I set everyone up at the dining room table, we each took a mound of flour and after adding water, egg, and olive oil we had some beautiful ravioli and fettucine.

And some not-so-wonderful worked in, hardened flour spots on the table.

Never fear, homemade counter/table/cutting board cleaner is here!

I passed the cleaner off to my good friend Joni, who marveled at how quickly the paste came up from the table.  And how great the cleaner smelled.  “Just what is this stuff?” she asked.

Well, it’s one of the best cleaning recipes I have!

Counter/Table/Cutting Board cleaner & disinfectant

In a clean (sanitized) squirt bottle, insert a funnel and add:

1 Cup of Hot water

1/4 Cup of Vinegar (white, distilled- is a disinfectant, anti-fungal, and acidic so it neutralizes scale from hard water)

1/2 tsp Liquid dish soap

1/2 Cup Hydrogen Peroxide (an odorless, non-toxic disinfectant)

Then remove the funnel and drop in:

10 drops each of Tea Tree oil and lemongrass or lavender (these essential oils are antiseptic- kill mold & bacteria)

Close the bottle and shake well to mix.  Make sure to clearly mark the bottle as a Counter Cleaner.

For the most effective use of cleaners with essential oils, it’s best to spray it on the surface you’re cleaning and allow it to sit for a few minutes so it has time to work.

Wipe off with a clean cloth, and you’re set to go!


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