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Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving is here!  Thanksgiving is here!

It’s my 10th anniversary hosting Thanksgiving… after ten years, I’ve learned a lot about cooking and hosting.  But even better, with a bit of age and more lessons under my belt, I’ve become even more thankful for the special people in my life, the fun times we’ve had, and all of those things big and small that brought me to this spot right here.  Thnaks to you for being a part of the Catalyst Cooks Story!!!


1.  Hosting?  When you invite your guests, be ready with an answer when they ask what they can bring or how they can help.  My favorite response?  “Bring Wine!”

2.  Going to someone else’s house?  Ask what you can bring.  or, see above… “Bring Wine!”

3.  Cooking (at your place or to bring?)  Choose some great recipes.  Here are some of my favorites:




Side Dish

4.  Make a list.  Lists are helpful for everyone, but especially hosts, and at my house the big list is:  what’s happening in my oven, when, and at what temperature?

5.  Know what you’re thankful for (refer to making a list, #4).  If you’re brave, share it at the Thanksgiving table.

6.  If some part of your preparations don’t go as planned- have the phone number of a kitchen hero at the ready.  Or, know when to cut your losses and move on.   (the best stories arise from situations that have gone awry!)

7.  A beautifully set table can erase any kitchen calamities.  And the table can be set ahead… so get out your best wares and make it fancy!

8.  My personal favorite, if you are hosting, make room at your table for Thanksgiving orphans.  Invite a friend who doesn’t have other plans.

9.  SAVOR and ENJOY your dinner!

10.  Last but certainly not least, if you are not hosting, DO THE DISHES.  Even if your host says no, butt your head right in there and get crackin’.  🙂


(do you have any favorite tips or tricks?  How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?  Leave a comment below, love to hear them!)


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